Over $6,000 raised so far
2021 Exhibit Expansion Fundraiser!


Donate now through Friday, August 13, 2021, so that we may continue to add great exhibits to the Museum!  The first $4,000 in donations will be matched by a donor, so your donation is doubled!  Mightycause has partnered with the Gannett Foundation so every donation gets us closer to our goal and allows us to compete EACH WEEK for additional grant opportunities.


Lemonade For Sale! Lemonade For Sale!

See our 3rd - 5th graders business concepts coming to life!  On Tuesday, July 27, kids who signed up for the 'JA It's My Lemonade Business' met at the CMBC to learn all about entrepreneurship using a lemonade stand.  With teaching them about advertising and running a business, the kids drew up some graphic designs, picked their top 2 favorites, and now get to see their ideas turned into an actual graphic to promote on social media!

You can catch them at The Corner Farmers' Market this Saturday, July 31, from 9 am - 1 pm with their very own lemonade stand.  Come out and support our 3rd - 5th grade entrepreneurs!

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Thank you to all of our visitors over the past 16 months!  We are incredibly grateful to our Corporate Sponsors, FRIENDS of the CMBC, and to everyone who participated in our Exhibit Fundraiser last Fall.
We appreciate your ongoing support!

We hope that everyone will come and visit us as we have missed you all and we want to Explore, Learn and Grow together!  

Hand sanitizer is available throughout the museum.  Cleaning supplies will be available throughout the museum for visitors to use before/after they visit an exhibit if they wish.  We will continue to sanitize the Museum daily.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Exhibit Expansion Fundraising Continues
Everbright, first of its kind Children's    Museum in Michigan

Hip, Hip, Hooray!  The Everbright has been installed!We are super excited to be adding this totally cool Exhibit to the CMBC!  Thank you to everyone who donated to our Exhibit Expansion Fundraiser last Fall. We could not have done it without you!

The picture to the right is of an Everbright, which is similar to a large lite-Brite except it has no removeable parts.  The Everbright has disks that can be turned to create over 250 different colors which allows visitors to create any picture imaginable. The video, below right, gives a glimpse of Madelynn trying out the Everbright.


The Everbright was just installed.  The CMBC is the first children's museum in Southwest Michigan to have an Everbright.

Future Exhibits include a River Rock Climbing Wall, a Light Table, a Static Dome, Coldwater community play buildings, and improvements to current exhibits.

Please consider making a donation to the CMBC for Exhibit Expansion so that we may continue to provide children of Branch County and the surrounding area with new, fun and educational exhibits.  Visit Paypal by clicking the "Join Us" button to make a donation.

FRIENDS of the CMBC 2021

Annual Campaign

Join Now!

The Children's Museum of Branch County is an interactive, hands-on learning environment serving the children and families of Branch County and the surrounding area for the past six years.  Established last year, the FRIENDS of the CMBC is a group of businesses and individuals that wish to support the mission of the museum with an annual donation. These funds will be used to support programming, exhibit expansion and the daily operations of the Museum.

Your donation is providing thousands of children and their families in Branch County and the Tri-State area a safe place to EXPLORE, LEARN and GROW.  

Southern Michigan Bank & Trust and Branch Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine PC, Most Recent 2021 Sponsors

The Children's Museum of Branch County appreciates the Corporate Support from the community.  Southern Michigan Bank & Trust and Branch Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine PC have recently become Corporate Sponsors for 2021.  The Museum is open at a limited capacity. We continue to welcome children and families to play, explore and learn and appreciate the Corporate support. They are champions of children in Branch County and the surrounding area. We are fortunate to have these sponsors supporting the CMBC.

Businesses or organizations interested in becoming Sponsors or FRIENDS of the CMBC and supporting the development of children in Branch County and the surrounding area should contact the CMBC at 517-227-5571. Information is also available under the SUPPORT CMBC tab at the top of this page.  The Museum is open Wednesday 10 am - 2 pm & 4-7 pm, Thursday 10 am - 2 pm, Friday 10 am - 2 pm and Saturday 10 am - 4 pm.  Admission is $5 per child.

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Branch Pediatric &
Adolescent Medicine PC

Climbing Wall To Be Installed Soon

Thanks to a grant from the Branch County Community Foundation Youth Advisory Council, the CMBC will be installing a River Rock climbing wall in the museum in mid-August.  The climbing wall is 8' tall and 20' wide enabling children to climb horizontally no more than three feet off the ground.  The wall is anchored with a cordless mat locking system for a smooth "jump" and also allows the climbing wall to be "closed" when necessary.

"We are really excited about the installation of the climbing wall in the museum.  The wall will help children enhance their balance, coordination and flexibility.  It also emphasizes positive risk-taking and problem solving skills," said Kayla Gray, President, CMBC.


BEAM Floor Projector Installed
Good, Better, Best Shop Donates $5,000 to CMBC for BEAM
An additional grant of $650 from the Good, Better, Best Shop was used to purchase
a permanent floor for the BEAM.

Book your Birthday Party Today!

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Check out our new Wind Tunnel!

As the only museum of its kind in a 35 mile radius, the Children’s Museum of Branch County has been busy this Summer refreshing current exhibit space and adding new exhibits for young children to enjoy. “We are excited to have added some new elements to the CMBC over the past few months. In addition to what we have recently added, we have many more exhibits in the planning stages right now,” said Melissa Austin, Treasurer of the CMBC Board.

With the addition of a Wind Tunnel, a scale for the Health Center, and a banking area, the Children’s Museum of Branch County has expanded its exhibit area over the past few months. The Wind Tunnel was designed specifically for children

Exhibit Expansion Increases Offerings for Children

to learn the movement of air. Designed with a clear tube and fan below, children can experiment with natural wind currents by adjusting the speed and direction of the airflow. The wind tunnel examines drag and force by using various materials such as packing peanuts, tissue paper, play silks and coffee filters. “Children are fascinated by exploring what amount of air is needed to make the items fly in the air,” said Kayla Gray, President of the CMBC Board.

Volunteers Needed!
Do you like to paint? Are you handy with a hammer and saw? We have some small projects around the Museum that could use some "finishing touches." Please contact the Museum at 517.227.5571 for more information.

Children's Museum Partners with BCCF with Museums For All!

The Children's Museum of Branch County partnered with the Branch County Community Foundation on the Museums For All! initiative which helped develop and implement the nationwide program at CMBC. Museums For All! focuses on providing access to hundreds of museums across the country at a reduced rate for Bridge Card holders.  Click on the button to watch a short video and learn more about the program.



The museum is able to offer FREE DAYS each month thanks to the support of many businesses..



Interested in how you can sponsor a FREE DAY at the museum? 

We are pausing our FREE Days for the time being due to COVID. We apologize for the inconvenience. We hope to be able to offer these days again soon.

Check us out on Facebook for our most recent information regarding activities at the CMBC

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*Special Pricing for Bridge Card Holders






Come see what fun CMBC has in store for you!