Let's pretend!

Current CMBC City Stations: 

Restaurant/Grocery Store

Farmer's Market

Dentist Office

Doctor's Office

Veterinary Clinic 

Growth and Development

  • Social Skills Practice Through Role Play

  • Imagination/Creativity

  • Problem Solving

Every Exhibit Has a Story!

The restaurant for the kitchen was donated to CMBC from the Hartfiel Family.  Grocery items were collected from residents of Coldwater. 

Coldwater Wal-Mart donated the pallets for the garden. The Farmer's Market stand was sponsored at the original CMBC location by the Knirk Family. 

Kilgore International donated teeth and bone structures for the dentist office.  The Oral Health Science exhibit at the original CMBC location was sponsored by Family Dental Home.  The dental chair and cabinet was donated to CMBC.

The veterinary clinic and items for the doctor's office were brought from the original CMBC location.  The veterinary clinic at the original CMBC location was sponsored by Animal Care Center.   The Human Body Science Station at the original CMBC Location was sponsored by Lucas, Claudel, and Bereket.

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