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Power Pedal

Every Exhibit Has a Story!

How much “pedal power” does it take to keep the lights on in your house?  Young visitors at the Children’s Museum of Branch County can now find out, thanks to a partnership between the CMBC and the Coldwater Board of Public Utilities.  A newly installed Exhibit at the CMBC, “The Pedal Power,” encourages visitors to pedal a bike to keep the lights on in four different rooms of a house display.  Every time a light switch is turned on, the bike gets progressively harder to pedal until all four light switches are on and the “pedal power” is significant.


“We are super excited to be able to add this Exhibit to the CMBC.  The Pedal Power Exhibit has been a dream for the Museum and provides a fun teaching opportunity for our visitors to understand the energy they have to use to keep the lights on in our display,” said Kayla Gray, President of the CMBC.


"The CBPU always welcomes opportunities to engage our Community, especially when it involves the youth. I was amazed how easily the Children associated the amount of energy they had created pedaling the bike to the lighting of each of the rooms in the house. We are delighted that the CMBC came to us with this idea," said Bob Granger, CBPU Energy Optimization Manager.


After trying out The Pedal Power, four year old Pierson Gray said, “It sure does take a lot of energy to turn on those lights!”

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