CMBC Board of Directors and Volunteers are working to secure funding and exhibit sponsors to accomplish the following:


• Hire a  director to manage volunteers, events, and hours of operation. 

• Secure a 10,000 to 30,000 square foot building that will allow CMBC to grow into a valuable resource and focal point of the community and    surrounding areas.

• Provide school districts in Branch and surrounding counties with a quality educational resource for field trips.
• Provide parents of Branch and surrounding counties with a recreational outlet for their children, offering engaging activities, as well as        educational edification and structured programming.

• Bring volunteer opportunities to local high school students and senior citizens in the form of exhibit guides and experts.

• Add a quality tourist attraction to Branch County that will compliment the existing tourist opportunities found in this area.

• Bring the world to Branch County; through traveling exhibitions, special lecture series, and unique collections.

• Encounters of boundless opportunities for discovery and imagination, sparking a passion for life-long learning.